Amazon works with RAU graduates to bring their quality meat box business to new customers

James Mansfield and James Flower launched grass-fed meat specialist Field&Flower in 2010 shortly after graduating. The friends have seen order numbers rocket after being part of Amazon’s Treasure Truck campaign.

Starting with one cow, bought from the Flower family farm in Somerset, they now deliver their bespoke meat boxes to over 20,000 UK households and have an annual revenue of £2.7m.

As well as beef, Field&Flower also provide a range of poultry, wild game, fish, dairy and deli products from a small hand-picked team of independent farmers, fishermen and producers that share the same standards of welfare, sustainability and quality.

The new relationship involved working with Amazon Treasure Truck to sell luxury grass-fed steaks and brisket, rump steak and bone marrow burgers.

The Amazon Treasure Truck visits cities across the UK offering surprise deals on delicious food, limited edition items, seasonal must haves and much more.

“We’ve had overwhelming feedback from the activity and have seen a significant spike in subscribers and product orders – which are all part of our goals for growth.”

“Field & Flower has been a great success, as not only have we tripled the number of monthly meat box customers in one year, but we’ve also been praised in The Good Food Guide for the “remarkable quality” of our meat.

“We’ve even served steak from one of our pop-up kitchens to Sir Richard Branson! There are many skills that I use on a day-to-day basis that I was taught at the RAU, which have been invaluable in allowing my business to grow and establish in the last few years.”

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