Cotswold Local Policing Area Stress The Need For Spring Time Security Awareness

Police in the Cotswolds along with the District Safer and Stronger Community Partnership are taking an early springtime opportunity to remind residents that they can take simple steps to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of and reduce the opportunity for crime.

Criminals are quick to exploit any slackening of security, so police are calling on homeowners and businesses to keep their guard up.

In 2012 and of all the burglaries that took place on the Cotswold Local Policing Area, 16% were due to a location being insecure.

PC Mark Godsland, Crime Reduction Officer for Gloucestershire Constabulary urged all residents to take a few simple precautions to prevent their homes and businesses from being broken into.

“Home and business owners should ensure that premises should be kept secure, when unoccupied,” he said. “Any valuable items, or items of great sentimental value, should be property marked  with a ”Forensic Property Marking system” to make them easily identifiable in the event of them being stolen.

“Homeowners should also remember to never let a stranger in to their property, regardless of the reason. Cold-callers and door-to-door salesmen should be turned away. If residents need goods, services or home improvements they should source these through reputable companies.

In the event of a stranger coming to the door who claims to represent an official organisation, such as the police or the council, homeowners must thoroughly check their identification, calling the relevant body to double-check if they are not sure.”

“Business owners should take stock of the security measures they have in place at their premises and consider installing extra physical security measures such as locks, security glazing, intruder and fire alarms, security lighting and CCTV. ”

PC Godsland said that simple crime prevention techniques applied equally to preventing thefts from garden sheds and vehicles.

“Sheds are a favourite target for criminals because many can be broken into relatively easily, and they often contain expensive items such as lawn mowers, power tools and bikes,” he said.  “Shed owners should check the vulnerability of their shed and make it more secure by investing in metal grills for windows, reinforced hinges and strong locks and shed alarms and use a “Forensic property marking system”

“When residents and visitors are out socialising they should take care of their personal property and not present any opportunity for a thief to steal their mobile phone, handbag or wallets”

“Property should be marked so as to make it identifiable and more difficult for the offender to dispose of.

For more information on Crime Reduction, please visit the Force web site

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