Moving Out of Accommodation for Summer?

Are you moving out of off-campus student accommodation for summer break?

It is important to leave the property in the as good as/better condition than when you arrived. This is also important if you are hoping to recieve your deposit refund and not incur any other damage or extra utilities charges.

Implied into every tenancy is the condition that you should treat and leave the property in a ‘tenant-like manner’. This means that you should:

1. Report any outstanding disrepairs promptly. If damage is caused because a repair was not reported, ie. leak from the roof that damages the ceiling and/or walls, the landlord may charge the household for the damage

2. Undertake minor  maintenance, for example unblocking sinks and replacing light bulbs

3. Clean the fixtures and fittings, including the cooker, fridge and freezer

4. Remember to protect the property during your absence, ie. if you have a burglar alarm make sure you set it and make sure all doors/windows are secure when you leave the property.

5. Make sure the garden and bin areas are left clean and tidy. All rubbish should be carefully bagged and put out for collection in bins provided. Environmental Health has the power to fine residents for untidy garden/bin areas. 

6. Check gas/electricity/water metres and report, so that you can make sure landlord utilities charges are correct.

7.It is important that you consider residents living in the vicinity. Please try to prevent any nuisance noise and leave the property and garden/drive area looking tidy and clean.

 Give yourself plently of time to complete the above moving out checklist.

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