New President for RAU Entrpreneurs

The RAU Entrepreneurs Society has now elected a new president for the 2013/14 term. Emma Glenister has been an active member of the society for the last year, and is now interested in making her mark. 

She says: “We have a very exciting year coming up, with the launch of the new Muddy Wellies beer and several other projects in the pipeline. I am really looking forward to working with some of the business leaders of the future and I hope that together we can drive the club to be even more successful than it already is.” 

Emma will be responsible for helping to recruit new members, chairing the society meetings and driving the society forward. She will also of course be helping the entrepreneurs to manage and promote the Muddy Wellies brand, which is currently undergoing a revival and transformation.  There are exciting times ahead! 

For information about becoming involved with the society email

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