Police In The Cotswolds Stress The Need For Spring Time Vehicle Security Awareness

Police in the Cotswolds along with the District Safer and Stronger Community Partnership are taking an early springtime opportunity to remind the general public that they can take simple steps to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of and reduce the opportunity for car crime.

Criminals are quick to exploit any opportunity they are presented with and with the onset of spring and motorists taking the opportunity to visit beauty spots, need to be alert.   PC Mark Godsland, Crime Reduction Officer for Gloucestershire Constabulary urged all residents to take a few simple precautions to prevent their cars from being broken into, “Firstly, we would advise drivers to lock their vehicles whenever they are left unattended. It seems obvious, but we have had numerous examples of people having had property stolen from their vehicle after leaving it unlocked. “Some people think that they can leave vehicle doors unlocked if they live in a rural area, but thieves do not just operate in towns and cities.   “Secondly, we would urge drivers to leave nothing on display in their vehicle when they park up. Leaving high value, removable items on display are just asking for trouble. This applies as much to items such as CDs or sunglasses as it does to very valuable items like laptop computers, Sat Nav and removable stereos. By doing this motorists can significantly reduce their chances and opportunity of becoming a victim of car crime.

“Thirdly, owners of Powered Two Wheelers should take appropriate precautions when parking their machines, such as using the steering lock, setting the alarm and immobiliser (if fitted) using a disc lock or chaining their vehicle to a ground anchor or secure locking point if available.” In addition, multi-layered electronic identification and anti-theft systems should be considered, which enables the Police to identify the true owner of any tagged motorcycle, even if the number plate and standard identification numbers have been removed or changed”

For more information on Crime Reduction, please visit the Force web site www.gloucestershire.police.uk

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