Student Union host SCOPE Family Fun Day

The Royal Agricultural University (RAU) once again held the annual Scope Fun Day on Saturday, 11th May on campus.

The Fun Day is organised by students on the Raise and Give (RAG) Committee for parents and children associated with Cirencester Scope and the Cotswold Downs Group.

Scope is a UK disability charity that supports disabled people and their families in England and Wales. The Fun Day is a community project which aims to support Scope, and the families it helps.

Despite the rain, the activities were able to go ahead inside, and 15 families were entertained throughout the day by members of the RAU Student Union. The children enjoyed a show by Bobo the Clown and had their faces painted, before a BBQ lunch.

A police car was also on campus for the children to play in, as well as a fire engine, thanks to the Gloucestershire Police and Fire Services. The children loved playing in the vehicles and setting off the sirens!

‘ ‘The families really appreciate the opportunity to get the children out and to meet up with others in similar situations. The RAU is delighted to be able to offer our campus as a venue and we look forward to doing so for many more years to come.’

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