Living There

Moving into rented accommodation can be an exciting time.  Often for students, it is their first taste of independent life.  It is important to remember that you are now a member of the local community, and that you have an obligation to take care of yourself, your neighbours, your belongings and your home.

There are some things which you will need to do straight away, such as –

  • Locate the gas and electricity meters. Contact the utilities to organise meter readings and keep a note of the readings for yourself. This prevents you paying for previous tenants.
  • Locate the fuse box, stop taps and how to turn off the water/gas and electricity.
  • Check firealarms are installed and work.
  • If the house has a security alarm make sure you use it! If you don’t you could invalidate the landlord’s house insurance and your belongings insurance.
  • Ask for the gas safety certificate – it’s a legal requirement.

Further information can be found in the Safety at Home pages.