Keep your nose clean

Keep it clean – and stay out of trouble!

O.K., this is the bit we have to tell you about!  So listen up! We want you to enjoy your time at College and have fun… but!  Be warned, anti-social behaviour both on and off campus is not tolerated and students are expected to behave responsibly and with respect for others at all times.

There is a Student Liaison Officer’s Behaviour Scheme (SLOBS)  in place and if you break the rules you could find yourself, in the first instance, wearing a luminous waistcoat while clearing up with the grounds staff!  Situations may also be dealt with by the Vice-Principal or Principal, who may apply penalties and/or fines, including suspension or even expulsion from the University.

The University has  a zero tolerance approach to both offensive weapons and drugs.  Any student found in possession of prohibited substances will be dismissed immediately from the University.  Similarly the University will not tolerate alcohol abuse, including drink driving, by its students either on or off the premises.  Any incident involving alcohol abuse may also result in dismissal.

Please also note that although the University does not own any property in the local area it takes student behaviour in the town and locality extremely seriously.  If you are found to be bringing the University’s name into disrepute by becoming involved in anti-social behaviour of any kind, you could find yourself in front of a disciplinary panel resulting in serious repercussions. 

Depending on the type of behaviour involved, you could also find yourself in trouble with the local Police as the University may share this information with them.  Due to the Service Level Agreement in place this is a reciprocal arrangement and if you find yourself in trouble with the local Police, then they will inform the University.  Both of these options can result in serious implications for your academic career … don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Full information on all College rules and regulations can be found in the Student Handbook, along with the full disciplinary procedure.