Police advice drugs and alcohol

The Cotswolds is, and remains, a safeplace to live and study.  However, when you are out and about there are lots of ways in which you can ensure your own security.  Click here to look at some of the issues that you will face and strategies to adopt to reduce risk.


The misuse of alcohol contributes to the majority of times here there are problems for or with students.  These can range from fights or assualts, damage to property and noise complaints from neighbours.  Sadly drinking and driving also continues to be an issue and has led to deaths of some students over the years.  By its very nature alcohol impacts upon your decision making, actions and how you interact with others.  The University fraternity are not expempt from the alcohol related violence that is seen across the country.

In addition to the damage that you may do to others through alcohol, there is the damage you are doing to your own body.  www.drinkaware.co.uk


The laws relating to controlled drugs are well known and we have a consistent approach to addressing those who use and deal in them.  Recent changes have been made in the legislation to deal with the emerging trend of legal highs.  As is the case with controlled drugs, aside from them being illegal you don’t know what ingredients have gone into their manufacture.

Drugs convictions or cautions can have serious consequences for you after College, preventing travel to some countries or preventing employment.  The Constabulary continues to take a firm approach to detection and prosecution of drugs offences.