Anti-Social Behaviour

The Police, College and local Council (Cotswold District Council) have spent a lot of time and effort in recent years in establishing a clear strategy to address anti-social behaviour by and towards students.  The main complaints are Noise and Parking.

It’s important to remember that the families living next to you do not want to be woken in the early hours of the morning by students returning home from a night out.  They have jobs to go to in the morning or their children need to be up for school so they should not be disturbed.  The University has been very supportive in addressing student housing where the conduct of the residents has brought the reputation of the University into disrepute.

It’s very simple.  Keep the noise down, advise the neighbours when you do intend to have a party and remember that you are directly impacting on them.  Some addresses have been the victims of ASB by their neighbours for several years and you will not be welcomed with open arms.  It’s up to you to prove them wrong and be a good neighbour.

Parking is also a significant issue throughout all of Cirencester, irrespective of the student community.  This is a small market town in the Cotswolds and has limited parking.  This is not eased by an influx of students to multi-occupancy houses adding to the burden.  Please be considerate when parking a vehicle.

Please make sure that you are road legal, have valid  tax/insurance and that when you park it does not cause an obstruction to your neighbours.  Again they will have faced this problem year on year and their tolerance levels may be lower than you expect.  It’s a case of using common sense and consideration.  If there is an opportunity for you to car share and leave some vehicles on campus, take it.  It will save you the cost of fuel and reduce a further potential for neighbourhood conflict.

  • Police response linked in with partner agencies when there is a complaint.
  • Being a good and considerate neighbour
  • Responsibilities when out and about
  • …..and when you get home (to your neighbours)

 If you are the victim

We recognise that students can and are the victims themselves of ASB.  Being a bad neighbour is not the preserve of students, it can happen to you too!  The local agencies are equally willing to investigate and address issues against you to.

How to report incidents and crimes:

What will be needed by the Police and/or insurance companies: