An inventory should be taken before you move into any property.  Essentially, this is a list of the contents of the property and also the condition of the property and contents.

Is there a double bed in your room as described?  Are the items listed in good condition?  Note on the inventory any problems, damage, or obvious stains.  List any items which are missing.  Check things like whether the shower works and that all doors have appropriate locks. Also check that appliances work.

It is important to agree the inventory with the landlord and for both parties to sign it before you move in, as any damage not recorded on the inventory could be charged to you at the end of the tenancy. You might find it useful to take (date marked) photographs of the property and make sure everyone, including the landlord or agency, has a copy of the dated photographs.

Check that all of the cupboards are emptied of previous tenants’ belongings. Make sure that any garden or garage (if it is part of the tenancy) is clean and free of rubbish. If rubbish is left behind by the previous tenants and its presence has not been noted on the inventory, you may be held responsible for clearing it out, or paying the costs of removal.