Council Tax


You must make sure of your status with regards to the payment of council tax.

Student Exemptions

Cotswold District Council has guidance to help determine whether you are entitled to any discounts.  Be careful not to assume you will be exempt if you are a student.  For example, if you share a house with others who are not full-time students, the house will not be exempt from Council Tax and all tenants will have to pay.  For further information from Cotswold District Council, click here, or call the Council Tax Office on 01285 623033 or email

If you qualify for exemption, you will need to download and complete this form, and also provide evidence of your student status via a certificate supplied by Registry.  Please email  for further information.

Check your Liability

While the Council will hold the landlord responsible for the payment of Council Tax to them you will need to check whether the charge is passed on to you as an addition to your basic rent. It is your responsibility to check your Council Tax status, not the landlord’s, and if for some reason you are not exempt you cannot use this as a reason to void the tenancy.

If you enter into a single joint tenancy as part of a group then you are jointly responsible to the Council for payment of Council Tax.

If you do not qualify for exemption, charge information for 2014/15 can be found at