Tenants & Landlords Rights

The best way to avoid conflict or difficulty is to understand your rights, and what you can expect of your landlord.  Here are some things you may need to know –

Tenants’ Rights

Every tenant has the right:

  • To know the terms of the tenancy
  • To know the name and address of the landlord
  • To a decent standard of repair in the property and safe accommodation
  • To ‘quiet enjoyment’ while living in the property
  • To a rent book if the rent is payable on a weekly basis
  • To proper notice (usually 24 hours) if the landlord wishes to inspect the property
  • To proper notice if the landlord wishes the tenant to leave

Landlords’ Rights

Every landlord has the right…

  • To charge a market rent (on lettings which began on or after 15 January 1989)
  • To fix the terms of the agreement before the tenancy begins
  • To receive rent as and when it falls due
  • To be advised on any necessary repairs
  • To be given proper notice by a tenant if he or she wishes to leave
  • To be allowed reasonable access to inspect the property (by appointment)
  • To ask for a deposit which can then be used to offset any damage to the property by the tenant;
  • To ask for rent in advance
  • To choose who the property will be let to, as long as the choice is in compliance with with legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex or religion.