Working and Studying

For many students it is necessary to get some form of part-time work.  There are many employers in the area who recruit our students on a temporary basis.  Local bars and supermarkets are always a good place to start.  Remember to think carefully about committing to a job, and keep in mind that your studies must come first.  Try not to take a job in a nightclub which finishes at 4am if all your lectures start at 9am.  Make sure you don’t over-commit yourself to shifts around exam times – plan ahead and make sure you leave yourself enough time to study outside of lectures.

Employment Opportunities at the RAU

Need some extra cash to help fund your studies*?  We are always on the look-out for temporary Housekeepers, Bar staff and Catering staff, and pay competitive rates.  It’s also a good way to get to know your fellow students, and hopefully have some fun!   If you are interested in applying, please give your details to our Personnel Department, who will keep them on file if something comes up.

Remember that if you work for the RAU, even as a student, you may pay tax and National Insurance on your earnings.  More information can be found at

* If you are an overseas student, please check your Student Visa requirements before committing to work.

Job Descriptions and Application Forms