Student Union

Having decided to study at the Royal Ag, not only are you proceeding with your higher education, but also joining a close-knit community, both within the University and in the local area.  Your time here will change you enormously and you will take away countless memories.  If you abide by the Student Union motto of “Work Hard and Play Hard”, you will not only have a booming social life but you will also leave with a highly regarded degree.

The Student Union at the Royal Ag puts together a bustling social calendar throughout the year, designed to cater for every single student.  Highlights include Freshers’ Week, RAG Week, Student Union Elections, the Christmas Carol Service and Dinner and, of course, the various balls throughout the year.

SU Chairman – Jack Walton.

Secretary – Harry Butson

International Officer – Alice Westcome

RAG Secretary – Arabella Olviant

Social Secretary – Ned Salvin

RAG Chairman – Primrose Bretchmann

Social Secretary – Freddie Tucker

Sports Secretary – Oliver Venni

Welfare and Campaigns officer – Amber Flowerdew