Be a Good Neighbour

The RAU is committed to working in partnership with Cotswold District Council to ensure that student noise does not have a detrimental impact on the local community.

Many students live in residential areas, directly next door to families with children.  These conflicting lifestyles can often result in tension between neighbours.

All students have an individual responsibility to ensure that they do not become a nuisance to their neighbours.  Try to make a conscious effort to be considerate to your neighbours and keep noise at an acceptable level, or you could find yourself in court.

 Noise Facts

  • ‘Studentification’ is the academic term for the recent phenomena of an influx of students and their impact on their surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Two thirds of universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) have been confronted by communities regarding their concerns about the impact of students on the local area.
  • Students are aware that the noise they make can be a problem. A Unite Student Experience Report found that 54% of students thought that student noise was the biggest problem for local communities.

Tips for Harmony

    • Your neighbours may be around while you are away during holidays and could keep an eye on your property for you.  Take the time to introduce yourself and your housemates and offer to do the same for them if they are away.
    • If you decide to have a party, be considerate to your neighbours.  Warn them in advance, or possibly even invite them!  They will appreciate the gesture.
    • Try to agree a finishing time or a time when music or loud noise will stop.  Ask your guests to leave quietly and not to slam doors or talk loudly in the street.
    • If you receive a complaint, act on it straight away.  An apology sent with chocolates or flowers goes a long way.
    • Remember that you are sharing walls with your neighbours.  They may have young children, and have to go to work each day.  You may be able to lie in after a late night, but your neighbours may not!
To understand more about how the University is obliged to work with the local communities, click here