Finding Accommodation

If you have chosen not to live on Campus, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when finding the right accommodation.  For a selection of property listings and details of RAU approved letting agents, visit the RAU Student Lettings page.

If you decide to register with a letting agent, make sure they are accredited with the National Approved Letting Scheme or that they belong to a trade body such as the Association of Residential Letting Agents or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Choose your Housemates Wisely

The right choice of housemates will make all the difference.  Ask yourself honestly “Can I live with this person for a whole year?”.  If the answer is “No”, it’s probably better to acknowledge this and preserve your friendship.  Think about the types of habits you have. For example, if you don’t like loud music, and enjoy going to bed early, it’s probably best not to share with a budding session musician!  Think about the type of person you are – sociable or quiet?  Do you enjoy being part of a large group or prefer your own company?  Think about the individuals you may be sharing with; are they compatible with your character and preferences?  Talk to one another, make sure you are honest with each other about any habits you may have which you think could impact on your living arrangements.  Making the right choices about who you share with early on will mean that your life as a student will be a whole lot easier.

Check your Budget

Make sure you can afford your accommodation.  The average rent for the Cirencester area is currently around £95 per person per week, excluding bills.  Be honest with yourself about what you can afford.  Work out a full budget for the year, and make sure you include everything, especially realistic living expenses.  There is no point in committing to a contract with a landlord if you truly cannot afford the rent and you could end up worse off if you break your contract.  Speak to your parents, or ask the vixen if you need help.

Location, Location, Location

The RAU is a committed and loyal member of the Cirencester community and as a student here, you should be too.  When choosing a location, think about how far you will be from the University – will you be able to make it to 9am lectures if you are 3 miles away and have no car?  Think about whether you, and how many of the others you are sharing with, will need parking.  Look at the proximity to other neighbours – is it a detached house with lots of land where parties won’t affect the neighbours or is it in a quiet residential area?  Choosing the right location is essential to ensuring that we continue to live harmoniously within our community.

Download our Guidance on Finding a Property.