Property Security

Property Security


No student property is now complete without an array of expensive electronic devices, laptops, iPhone’s iPad’s etc.  Please remember the few simple steps needed to avoid the loss of your property and that you need insurance to cover them.


 The attachments offer some guidance as to what you should consider when you move into your property and to what you should be discussing with your landlord.  Check your tenancy agreement to see what responsibility they have in providing accommodation that will be safe and justifying the rent that they are charging you. 


  • At your house (locks, lights etc)
  • Vehicles




  • i-phones (its not stolen, you lost it when you were drunk).


We often get reports of items that have been ‘stolen’ when people are out for the evening.  The usual case is that they have lost the item when they have been drinking and just got careless.  Please report any loss to us but remember reporting an item stolen when it has merely been lost can be a criminal offence so don’t do it to ‘make a claim on your insurance.’ 


  • Internet fraud